Polyethylene Electro Fusion Welding (Advanced)

Course Description:

This fully certified course has been developed in conjunction with Irish Water.
It was developed as an up-skilling initiative to meet the expansion of the use
of Polyethylene EF Welding in the Irish Construction sector.
The objective is to provide the learners who have previous experience in
Polyethylene Electro Fusion Welding with the skills to enable them to use Electro
Fusion welding equipment to weld/join polyethylene pipe safely on potable water
and waste water mains systems using Electro Fusion Techniques to IS EN
13067:2020 standard.
This is an on-site Classroom and Workshop course and learners will need to be in
attendance in full for the 5 days. egeplast ireland are the only approved training centre in the Rep of Ireland.

This course is fully endorsed by, and run in conjunction with Irish Water and the WWETB.

Who should attend ?

Employees who are currently working for a company that is actively working on Electro Fusion Projects.


5 - Day Training Duration

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HIRE: 051 306910

Course Content:

  • Carry out pre-use safety and operational checks on equipment.
  • Carry out pre-use checks on fittings in accordance with manufacturer’s
  • Check pipes and fittings for defects and deficiencies.
  • Have a strong understanding of all of the Irish Water guidelines laid out in
    Code of practice and standard detail drawings.
  • Describe visual faults in Electro Fusion joints and know how to prevent
  • Explain the factors which affect the operation of fusion equipment.
  • Apply the correct procedure for preparing pipes for jointing.
  • Apply the correct procedure for electro-fusing pipes and fittings.
  • Outline the requirements for documentation required by the main
    contractor in order to sign off on the finished water main.
  • Understand destructive testing requirements.
  • Comprehend pre-requisites for chlorination and sterilisation.
  • Understand the pressure testing procedure requirements carried out post


  1. Annual Certification by Employer or Qualification Body:

To keep your initial qualification valid, it is imperative that your employer signs off on your certification every 6 months, confirming your engagement in welding work. This is a crucial step to demonstrate your ongoing experience in the field. If you are self-employed, a representative from egeplast or Metlab must sign your document every 6 months. There are 8 spaces to be filled in at the end of your certificate. Annually a test report from a recent weld must be sent to the qualification body or a test weld can be sent to the qualification body for testing.

  1. Maintaining Unquestionable Skill and Knowledge:

It’s not enough to just practice welding; the quality of your work is paramount. There should be no reason to question your skill and knowledge at any point. This means consistently delivering work that meets the required standards and staying updated with the latest welding techniques and safety protocols. Regular practice, continued learning, and adherence to industry standards are key to ensuring your skills remain beyond reproach.

  1. Mandatory Weld Test for Prolongation:

Steps 1 – 3 must be fulfilled. A recent test-weld report/test weld & your certificate must be returned to Metlab or examining body before expiry of initial qualification (2 years). This test is a critical assessment of your skill level and adherence to the required standards. This process is essential for your qualification prolongation. If Metlab or examining body are happy that the welder is meeting all standards, they will sign your certification for another 2 years.

Without this, you risk having to reattend and complete the entire course again instead of the shorter, 1-day refresher course when seeking to extend your qualification for another four years.

The Path Forward:

These steps are not just formalities but crucial aspects of maintaining high standards in our industry. By following these guidelines, you not only validate your skills but also contribute to the safety and quality of the welding profession.


This course is being funded for those who are
eligible (Irish PPS no) under the Skills to Advance
Initiative (STA). STA is a SOLAS Initiative in
partnership with WWETB and supported by
Government. STA aims to equip employees with
the skills to progress in their current job, or to take advantage of new job opportunities. On
successful completion of this 5 day course there
are up to 34 CIRI CPD points available.

Course Certification:

On successful completion of the course, the learners will receive a: Polyethylene Electro Fusion Welding Certificate
Certified to IS EN 13067: 2020

See below for available dates and to make a booking.

Note: A €300.00 DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED TO GUARANTEE YOUR SPACE under the following obligations:
1. Deposit to be paid within 3 days of Booking to guarantee space
2. Cancellation by trainee – 7 days notice (deposit refundable)
3. Deposit is non-refundable when trainee does not attend the arranged training date
4. Once you attend the course in full the €300 deposit will be returned

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Fully Booked

Why choose egeplast Ireland?

At egeplast Ireland Ltd, our trainers have an Engineering background, and real, on-site experience. Our training facility uses the latest technology’s and accessories. We are endorsed and fully supported by industry-leading Polyethylene companies; egeplast International GmbH, is the largest privately owned, and technologically most advanced PE Pipe mills in Europe, Friatec AG, one of Europe’s leading Buttfusion Fittings manufacturers, and Ritmo Plastic Welding technology, one of Europe’s leading Pipe Welding Machinery and Electrofusion & Butt fusion equipment manufacturers.

Before comparing with other providers of Electro Fusion training in Ireland, ask them:

  • Which polyethylene pipe manufacturer, polyethylene pipe fittings manufacturer, or equipment manufacturer supports their training course?
  • Are they listed suppliers to Irish Water?
  • Are their trainers from an Engineering background?
  • Do they have real on-site experience?

We train and conduct regular seminars with leading Consulting Engineers all over Ireland, and have been at the forefront of the Irish Polyethylene market for many years. We try to ensure that our Buttfusion Welding courses are future-proofed, by using our knowledge and experience to keep up-to-date with all of the latest standards and accreditations. Our interest in providing these courses is not financial. We wish to ensure that Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings are correctly welded in line with the latest Irish Water & Manufacturer specifications.