Electrofusion Welding Courses Levels 1-3

Electro Fusion Welding Courses

Course Objectives

  • Gain familiarity with Polyethylene Pipe and Fitting types.
  • Understand installation procedures of watermain pipework and house connections.
  • Understand when and how Electrofusion Welding can be used.
  • Understand the importance of pipe cleaning and scraping.
  • Know why, when and how to use the correct ancillary tools.
  • Gain familiarity with standards, accreditations & obligations related to IW TEC-1000-01, WIS 32-04-08, WIS 32-04-16 etc.
  • To pass written & practical exams.

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Why choose egeplast Ireland?

We train SITE-READY Electrofusion Welders.

At egeplast Ireland Ltd, our trainers have an Engineering background, and real, on-site Electrofusion Welding experience. Our training facility uses the latest in Electrofusion Welding technology and fittings. We are endorsed and fully supported by three industry-leading Polyethylene companies; egeplast International GmbH, is the largest privately owned, and technologically most advanced PE Pipe mills in Europe, Friatec AG, one of Europe’s leading Electrofusion Fittings manufacturers, and Caldervale Technologies, one of Europe’s leading Pipe Welding Machinery and Electrofusion & Butt fusion equipment manufacturers.

Before comparing with other providers of Electrofusion Welding training in Ireland, ask them:

  • Which polyethylene pipe manufacturer, polyethylene pipe fittings manufacturer, or equipment manufacturer supports their training course?
  • Are they listed suppliers to Irish Water?
  • Are their trainers from an Engineering background?
  • Do they have real on-site experience?

We train and conduct regular seminars with leading Consulting Engineers all over Ireland, and have been at the forefront of the Irish Polyethylene market for many years. We try to ensure that our Electrofusion Welding courses are future-proofed, by using our knowledge and experience to keep up-to-date with all of the latest standards and accreditations. Our interest in providing these courses is not financial. We wish to ensure that Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings are correctly welded in line with the latest Irish Water & Manufacturer specifications.

Electrofusion Welding Courses

Electrofusion Welding Courses – Training carried out by Factory approved, accredited and experienced welding technicians. We provide hands-on training, not simply demonstrations as others do. The training time is approx. 1-2 days for each level.

Level 1

Level 1 (i)
Each participant will weld, at least, 5 fittings including 2 straight couplers, 1 elbow and 1 tee (additional material if required will be charged)

• Straight Couplers up to OD250
• Elbows 90 Deg & 45 Deg and Tee’s up to OD250

Level 1 (ii)
Each participant will weld at least 5 house connections

• House Connections
• Branch Saddles
• Pressure testing
• Irish Water drawing

Level 2

Level 2 (i)
Each participant will weld, at least, 2 couplers / 1 with pre-heat technology & 1 without pre-heat technology (additional material if required will be charged)

• Straight Couplers OD280 to OD560
• Spigot Saddle with branch ≤ OD160 type UNI
• Spigot Saddle with branch ≥ OD180 type SA-XL

Level 3

Level 3
Each participant will weld 1 coupler with pre-heat technology (additional material if required will be charged)

• Straight Couplers  OD630 and above

No Spigot saddles will be welded as these are included in level 2

Further Information

The main emphasis of the training is on the welding of the materials, following industry standards and Irish Water (IW) compliant WIS 32-04-08 & WIS 32-04-16. The respective certifications will state which level the participant has been trained to.

The cost of training depends on a range of factors such as the number of participants, the level of the participants, the experience of the participants and the materials used.

Training is tailor made for the participants who have a basic technical understanding with the training duration depending on the participants level and experience. During the training participants will be shown the correct use of equipment including pipe holders, top clamp holders, pipe scrapers etc as well as explaining current Irish Water on-site technical requirements. We offer future-proofed training by introducing attendees to the latest welders with data retrieval, GPS location software and the CalderSafe bluetooth app. We are the first trainers to be endorsed by pipe, fittings & equipment manufacturers, in Ireland, and to offer electrofusion welding training courses with a certificate, plastic welder’s card and site Logbook upon completion of the course.


Hear what our Electro Fusion course graduates have to say:

"Very Informative course and well explained, I feel very confident about welding after the course."
James Godley
"Very good, explained very well and equipment was of high standard."
Noel Walsh
Co. Tipperary